October 23, 2012

Day 23:Ordinary Blessings

Ordinary Blessings:
1) Doing the dishes after dinner. Grateful we have an abundance of food, much more than we need.
2)A safe car.{currently with a flat tire}
3) A job and a chance to be someone's "favorite teacher" when they remember their childhood.
4) More clothes than I could ever need. {And yet I stand in the closet many days claiming I have nothing to wear!}
5) Laundry to watch said clothes.
6) Dinners at the table, and a husband to share them with.
7) Hot showers.
8) Blogging.
9) Sunday paper.
10) The freedom to vote for whomever I choose. {Even though I am up to my ears in{observing, not taking part in} political bickering on facebook. Whatever happened to respecting the opinion of others, even though it may differ from your own?Whatever happened to keeping political views to yourself? Sheesh. Drives me bananas.}
11) Sunshine.Cloudy days. Rainy days. Just waking up.
What ordinary blessings are thankful for today?

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