October 18, 2012

Day 18: Fear and Abundance

It's true. When you stop focusing so much on what is lacking, you will realize what is abundant. I will be first to admit that this is a struggle for me. Deep down I know what is important and I know what matters. Part of this challenge for me was to really stop and recognize all of the gifts, big and small in my life.
Think about it. Do you live your life in fear for what is not there? Or, are you overwhelmed with thankfulness for all that is?
Truth is, my life is abundant. I probably spend more time than I should focusing on what and who is missing from my life. Babies. Our growing family.  We need our babies. We will truly stop at nothing to bring them here into our arms, I can assure you of this.  So maybe it is the timing that is lacking. Or, is it the timing or is it our perception of the timing? God's timing is perfect, though it's hard for us to see and we can only trust.
So, that's huge. That's the largest focus of our lives right now, and has been for some time. Huge. But, while we spend so much time focusing on how unhappy we are with the timing, how deep of a void we feel in our lives, we don't stop nearly enough and realize how truly blessed we are.
My life is filled to the brim with...
the ability to play, to run, to dance, to write,
to sing {loudly in my car alone; off key, of course}
home {which I take for granted as I focus on all the things it, too, needs changing}
puppies who make us "those dog people"
a pantry and fridge stocked with food and the ability to shop at a grocery store on any given corner.
a safe car to drive around.
a job.
 life's little luxuries that we have and may want but certainly don't need.
My life is abundant. I do not fear what is missing. I am grateful for what is not.

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