March 31, 2015

Dear Baby--14 Weeks

Dear Baby,
Hello, my darling and hello, second trimester! Today you are 14 weeks, 6 days, so 15 weeks tomorrow! In your fourteenth week, you are already the size of a lemon. I am in awe at how you grow, and am sure that this will continue once you arrive in our arms!
This week your bones are getting stronger and so are your facial expressions! You can squint, frown, grimace and suck your thumb. Your organs are functioning more and more, and you are kicking and punching with your arms which are in proportion to the rest of your body now. You are stretching out and are quite flexible and active.
I went to North Carolina for the week and spent lots of time with family and friends. It was wonderful to catch up with so many loved ones, though I was sad I didn't get to see everyone, including your 'aunt' Kelly and baby girl Lucia. 

I hardly took any pictures, which is ridiculous, but here are the ones that I have of the trip.

Baby G, you are SO loved. I shipped a box up of all of these precious, adorable, thoughtful gifts that friends and your Mimi and Papi gave you. I can't wait to wrap you up in those blankets, snuggle you with your lovies and read you those sweet books. That print that says 'You Are My Greatest Adventure'? Be still my heart. I am so moved and we are so blessed. And in case there was ever any doubt, you are our greatest adventure.

You keep growing big and strong, my sweet. You're doing such a wonderful job and we always praise God for you and ask Him to protect you and A while helping you grow and give you everything you need. We are proud of you and love you so, dear baby.

Mommy and Daddy


March 20, 2015

Dear Baby--13 Weeks

Dear Baby,

You are 13 weeks 2 days (though last week you measured ahead, so I'm now not sure if it's 13 weeks 4 days instead!) You're the size of a pea pod, my little sweet pea. This week you are practicing your breathing and you have your own unique set of fingerprints. This is the last week of the first trimester and we're very excited about that.

Here's you at your scan last week!

As we mentioned in the last post, you're growing and measuring just as you should, and were measuring two days ahead on the latest scan. Your beautiful heartbeat was measured at 149 bpm.

Another highlight was that we Skyped with A and one of your doctors last night. It was 12:30 am our time, but it was totally worth it. After feeling nauseous for the first trimester, she's starting to feel better. She looked beautiful, happy and healthy AND she's showing quite a bit! It was quite surreal seeing her baby bump and knowing YOU are the miracle inside!

One thing I thought was cool/interesting is that in past pregnancies with her two children, she has craved meat. In India they either say veg or non-veg. She has, in the past, enjoyed non-veg but with you, my sweet, veg is the only thing that's appealed to her. And pickles. She's been craving pickles, which is the cutest thing ever. Your mommy doesn't eat very much meat either, so even though I'm not carrying you, I'll take some responsibility for those veg cravings. :) Your daddy, on the other hand, is a non-veg fellow. I'm just so thankful you're growing and getting what you need! I'm very thankful for everything A is going through to bring you into our arms. Words can't quite describe it.

My sweet friend, Jen, sent you this darling package yesterday which is absolutely precious. Jen has two beautiful girls, Elise and Olivia, and I know you'll meet them one day! You are so loved already!

I am on spring break this week (week one of two) and spent it relaxing and enjoying the city a bit. I went to see Kelly and Michael one morning, have been going to barre classes, making breakfast and lunches, and meeting Daddy for lunch a couple of days for some day dates. It's been great! Tomorrow I head to NC for the week and I'm super excited about that, too. Today is the first day of spring and in NYC it's snowing, so there's that! Looking forward to flocking south for a week!

You're doing such an amazing job, my love, and keep it up. You're growing big and strong and healthy and we pray for you always. We love you so, dear baby.

 Mommy and Daddy

March 17, 2015

Dear Baby--12 Weeks

Dear Baby,

What a week you've had, my love! {I should say what a week your worrying mom has had. You, I'm sure, are comfy and cozy and growing big and strong.}

First thing's first--We just got the results of the NT scan. Normal! Thank you, God! The appointment was actually on March 12th, but because the person who uploads the reports and pictures has not been in the office, we did not hear until THIS morning. That's 5 days after the actual appointment! I was a worrying mess, but feel such a wave of relief to know that the scan was normal and that you are growing and measuring right on track. I can't wait to see the pictures and I'm so thankful to receive wonderful news. And this little stretch taught me a lot about trust. This pregnancy is different, and our baby knows what to do. A's body knows what to do. God knows what He's doing.

Thank you to all of our friends who have been praying for us! Those powerful prayers are working and we ask you to continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue through the journey to meeting our little love.

So, a lot's happening this week! You are 12 weeks, 6 days (13 weeks tomorrow--YAY!) and this week you are the size of a lime. Your vocal chords are developing and so are your reflexes. I know it will be the sweetest sound when we hear your voice for the first time! Your fingers can open and close, your toes will curl, your eye muscles will clench and your mouth can make sucking movements. Your eyes have moved from the side to the to front of your head and your ears are right where they should be. You are our miracle.

This week was also a big week for your daddy. He turned 34 on Saturday and ran his first half marathon on Sunday. He did an AMAZING job. {His shirt says We Run Mum. That's for you!}

 About to cross the Finish Line!
 After the Race. So proud of him!
Spring begins on Friday! I brought home tulips to celebrate. Excited to move into this new season!

Keep growing big and strong, my sweet. We are so proud of you, and we love you so, dear baby.
Mommy and Daddy

March 10, 2015

Dear Baby--11 Weeks

Hello, Friends!

Thank you all so much for your continued love and prayers for us and our babe. I've been an anxious mommy this week. I'm so very thankful for everyday we have with our baby and fight daily to stay strong and positive.

'Big' ultrasounds make me nervous, though they are all big, aren't they? Tomorrow is the NST scan, and I'm just praying for wonderful news! It sometimes takes a couple of days for us to get the report so I don't want you all worrying if you don't hear from me!  I've found that if I am really honest with myself, I'm worried about worrying. It's almost as if I think that if I worry, then something will go wrong. And, then I realize that I'm pulling from memories. Things have gone wrong in the past, but it doesn't mean they will in the future. Pregnancy anxiety is a real thing, and even though I'm not carrying, I'm still experiencing it.

I am in prayer pretty much constantly. At any given moment, I'm thinking about our baby. And sometimes I experience waves of calm, and at others I feel fear and worry. I've asked God to take away all of my fear. I am aware that this precious life is a miracle and that we have been chosen to be our child's parents. I pray to fight the 'worst case scenario' scenes that appear in my mind and focus on the 'this time is different' scenes. I ask God to walk with us to a different ending. An ending that involves us holding our live, healthy, crying, full term baby in the hospital in September. I ask God to please allow us the privilege of meeting our child and raising him or her until we are all old and gray. I know He knows the desires of my heart, but I ask anyway.

I have to remind myself that it is normal to feel anxious. Given the fact that this is our seventh child, and the sixth pregnancy, I'd say it's pretty understandable. But it's a battle because I KNOW I shouldn't worry. I know that I should trust that everything is fine and our baby is safe.

If I had to pick a verse that is on repeat on my mind and in my heart, this is it:
                                        “Forget the former things;
                                          do not dwell on the past.
                                                         See, I am doing a new thing!
                             Now it springs up;
 do you not perceive it?
                                  I am making a way in the wilderness
                                         and streams in the wasteland."

Will you please pray for the health of our baby and also my anxious heart? I am still so hopeful and grateful cannot even describe how blessed I feel everyday to have this amazing opportunity. I ask for peace on our hearts as we proceed, week by week, appointment by appointment. Because, I know the worrying doesn't end when our baby is born. The worrying must continue, and must even be magnified once baby (toddler, child, adult) is here. I've got to find peace and trust that everything is going to be okay. Thank you so much for keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers!

Dear Baby,
Hello, my darling. You are 11 (almost 12, tomorrow!) weeks and we are so thankful for you. This week, you are the size of a fig. Side note-Your Papi (my Dad) said last week that the kumquat was his new favorite fruit, but that the fig would be his favorite fruit this week. I told him I also love them both, but preferred not eating them these weeks because that seemed a little strange to me! He loves you. We all do. :)
This week your boy or girl organs are all set to go (even though we won't be finding out which one you are until delivery!) Your hands can open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds appear under your gums and some of your bones are beginning to harden.
Thanks to a tip from a friend on facebook (thanks, Jessica!) Barkley the Bernese came home to wait for you.
Daddy and I went to two baby shops and oooohed and ahhhhed over strollers and pretty much everything else. We like to look and are so proud to talk about how we are expecting you in September.
Well, my sweet, you are doing such a fantastic job! I just know you have everything you need and such a wonderful team taking care of you. I send you my love 13847397 (at least) times a day. A is doing an amazing job taking care of you until we get to meet your sweet face.
Keep growing big and strong. We're so proud of you!
We love you so, Dear Baby.
Mommy and Daddy

March 3, 2015

Dear Baby--10 Weeks

Week 10 is special in so many ways. We are in double digits--woo! And we've surpassed milestones that we haven't always in previous pregnancies. We are immensely grateful for every single day. Last week we did get the results of the double marker test--and one of the two levels was lower than normal. In the interest of being transparent and asking for prayers, I wanted to include this on the blog, as well. Because of this lower level, we were put at an increased risk for Down's. Low risk cuts off at 1 in 250 and the number we were given is 1 in 187. Of course we want to be at a low risk, but after being worried about the numbers for a little bit, I really recognized what they 'mean.' That is there is a 99.5% chance that everything is absolutely fine.

We feel in our hearts that everything is fine and our baby is healthy, but it's understandable to feel shaken by any kind of risk.  

This week, I'm thankful for:
-our sweet baby who God knows and is forming perfectly
-the fact that we are not 'high risk' and the advice, encouragement, and assurance we've received from our doctors and nurse friends

If you'd like to pray, some specific prayer requests are:
-Our baby is completely healthy, and that the lower PAPP-A level resolves itself or doesn't adversely affect our baby in any way.
-The NST scan next week reveals good results, with our baby being on track with all measurements, growth, levels, etc.
-That TJ and I will continue to trust our team and God to take care of A and our baby. That our hearts will remain peaceful, joyful, and hopeful as we journey towards meeting our baby in September.

Thank you SO much for keeping us all in your prayers!

Dear Baby,
Hello, my darling! This week you are 10 weeks-how amazing! You are the size of a kumquat. This week your most critical development has already occurred-hallelujah! Now comes the rapid growth and all of your organs begin to function and continue to develop. You're swallowing and kicking up a storm!
Your fingers and toes have tiny nails on them and your limbs can bend now. I am so amazed by your life!
Tomorrow you are 11 weeks. We are so very thankful for every single minute. You are our miracle baby and we love you more than words can express! You're doing such a good job there, sweetie. Keeping growing big and strong and know that so many prayers and endless amounts of love are being sent to you from all over! We're so proud of you.
We love you so, dear baby.
Mommy and Daddy
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