March 3, 2015

Dear Baby--10 Weeks

Week 10 is special in so many ways. We are in double digits--woo! And we've surpassed milestones that we haven't always in previous pregnancies. We are immensely grateful for every single day. Last week we did get the results of the double marker test--and one of the two levels was lower than normal. In the interest of being transparent and asking for prayers, I wanted to include this on the blog, as well. Because of this lower level, we were put at an increased risk for Down's. Low risk cuts off at 1 in 250 and the number we were given is 1 in 187. Of course we want to be at a low risk, but after being worried about the numbers for a little bit, I really recognized what they 'mean.' That is there is a 99.5% chance that everything is absolutely fine.

We feel in our hearts that everything is fine and our baby is healthy, but it's understandable to feel shaken by any kind of risk.  

This week, I'm thankful for:
-our sweet baby who God knows and is forming perfectly
-the fact that we are not 'high risk' and the advice, encouragement, and assurance we've received from our doctors and nurse friends

If you'd like to pray, some specific prayer requests are:
-Our baby is completely healthy, and that the lower PAPP-A level resolves itself or doesn't adversely affect our baby in any way.
-The NST scan next week reveals good results, with our baby being on track with all measurements, growth, levels, etc.
-That TJ and I will continue to trust our team and God to take care of A and our baby. That our hearts will remain peaceful, joyful, and hopeful as we journey towards meeting our baby in September.

Thank you SO much for keeping us all in your prayers!

Dear Baby,
Hello, my darling! This week you are 10 weeks-how amazing! You are the size of a kumquat. This week your most critical development has already occurred-hallelujah! Now comes the rapid growth and all of your organs begin to function and continue to develop. You're swallowing and kicking up a storm!
Your fingers and toes have tiny nails on them and your limbs can bend now. I am so amazed by your life!
Tomorrow you are 11 weeks. We are so very thankful for every single minute. You are our miracle baby and we love you more than words can express! You're doing such a good job there, sweetie. Keeping growing big and strong and know that so many prayers and endless amounts of love are being sent to you from all over! We're so proud of you.
We love you so, dear baby.
Mommy and Daddy

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