February 24, 2015

Dear Baby--9 Weeks

Dear Baby,

I am writing this at the very end of your ninth week! You are 10 weeks tomorrow. Thank you, God! What a big week you've had, my darling love. First of all, you are the size of a grape this week and we actually had the amazing opportunity to SEE what you look like this week! You've had a few ultrasounds so far, but this one is the first time to see you in 4D. How completely amazing.
Here's you at 9 weeks, 1 day.
Be still my heart. There you are! Life is such a miracle and you, my dear, are everything. I can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks and toes in September.

At your checkup this week you are measuring exactly on track, and you have the most beautiful, strong heartbeat of 170 bpm. I am so thankful for you. 

At 9 weeks you can clasp an object placed in the palm of your hand, and your fingerprints are already evident in your skin. 

You are one loved little miracle! You have so many people praying for you and loving on you from afar. We received two packages this week with the sweetest gifts from the Theos and the Pattersons. Mommy cried and cried at the way you've touched the lives of so many already. 

 And, Daddy and I went shopping at Patagonia's end-of-season sale. This is hilarious, because it's not remotely close to being the end of winter in NYC, but anyway... have you ever seen anything so sweet? This little vest will be for when you're 3 months old and it's just so tiny and precious. Makes my heart go pitter patter. 
10 weeks tomorrow, my sweet! Keep growing big and strong. We're so proud of you.

We love you so, Dear Baby.

Mommy and Daddy

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Katie said...

Sweet friend, you are such a beautiful and eloquent writer! It will be such a treasure for Baby Guy to be able to look back on all of these notes and realize how much he/she was loved even before his/her first breath. I'm am so excited for you guys and love being able to share in your journey. xoxo

PS: for the record, I'm voting that Baby Guy is a girl based on the heart rate!

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