November 8, 2011

Trauma Tuesday

Do you ever have a day that just did not go according to your plan? Today, I planned to get up, make a cup of coffee, go to work, come home and meet a friend for dinner tonight.

Here's what actually happened...

I woke up having trouble breathing. (Don't panic, recovering from bronchitis). I went downstairs to grab the inhaler that the doctor prescribed to help get over the bronchitis. I quickly ran back upstairs to take the inhaler. I stood in the bathroom, took the inhaler, which means I held my breath and counted to ten, then...SMACK! I woke up on the bathroom floor. Apparently I had fainted {lack of oxygen, got up too quickly?} and when I fell I hit my head hard on the bathroom tile. I woke up to Sadie licking my face and blood on my hands. Can we say...panic?

Of course it would happen when Hubby is out of town. Of course it would happen this week. I almost have to laugh.

Anyhow, I called my husband who is in a different time zone for work, so it was about 4:30 his time. Needless to say, he was worried. After much deliberation, we decided I'd better head to the ER. I have zero experience with head injuries, but know that you don't want to mess around with them. I also have zero experience with Emergency Rooms, other than what I've seen in the movies and on Grey's Anatomy, of course.

Six hours, a few staples in my head, a CT scan, and a breathing treatment later..I was home.

Today did not go how I had planned. But, then, does it ever? At the end of the day, I can only laugh and be thankful that 1) I woke up. 2)I'm okay. 3) I can laugh about it.

Nothing like a little head trauma to keep a Tuesday interesting! I knew I was dreading this week, but I hadn't considered adding an ER visit to the mix. Why not?

Hope your day was less painful and eventful than mine turned out to be. Here's to tomorrow being better!


ChelseaTheo said...

Oh no! I'm happy to hear you ultimately decided to go to ER and that you're OK. That's crazy scary.

Here's to a better today :)

Annie said...

Oh goodness Margot! I hope you're feeling better!

Avenue hasn't had water since yesterday around noon. They aren't sure when it'll be back on....hopefully later today! You aren't missing much there! ;)

Running 365 said...

Oh no! I'm so glad you're okay but hate you had to go through that. I would have totally lost it if I woke up to my pet licking blood off me! I'm glad you went in to the ER and that you're all fixed up now.

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