August 14, 2015

Dear Baby--34 Weeks

Dear Baby,
Hi, my love! You are well into your 34th week! This week you're weighing in about 5 POUNDS, the size of a cantaloupe! I'm just in awe that we will meet your precious face soon. At 34 weeks, you are taking deep breaths, and keeping your eyes open while awake and closed while sleeping. The vernix, coating on your skin, is thickening before it sheds in a few weeks.
So, you and A are going to stay in the hospital until delivery. Don't be concerned, the doctors are just very cautious and since she was having abdominal pain a couple weeks ago, they decided you'll be safer and more closely cared for if you are both at the hospital. The clinic is about 20 minutes away from the hospital, so I think the doctors just want to play it safe. It's fine by us! We continue to receive wonderful reports about how you are growing on track, and A is not in any pain, which we are thankful for.
Speaking of delivery, the doctors said that A will be induced if she hasn't gone into labor on her own before September 18th. We had been planning around you making your debut during the first week of September, but now we aren't sure if you'll wait a bit longer to meet us! Our tickets are booked for 14 days from today(!!!!!) but we may push them back a week or so, depending on you, my sweet! Whenever you make your arrival is the perfect time, we just pray that it works out so we can get there in time to witness every second!
This weekend is SO special! Daddy and I leave today for North Carolina, because tomorrow is your baby shower!! I can't even put into words how surreal it feels and how thankful we are. Having so many of our friends and family together in one place to celebrate you is just so special. I will surely cry my eyes out. :) We're all so excited to meet you, little one. You are so deeply loved.
Your room is coming together! I post pictures soon, but we are making great progress! Thanks to your very generous Mimi and Papi, your crib is all ready to go! It's so precious. We have received so many beautiful gifts, every day, from our friends and family, which are helping immensely to prepare for your arrival! We are so fortunate to have such a loving, kind circle of wonderful people loving you and us!
And, just because I want to remember it, we sent Bailey and Sadie to the farm last night for the weekend, which is where they go to play when we are out of town. It's awesome and they love it, but Bailey stuck her head out of the car and watched us as long as she could as they drove away. I hate leaving the doggies, and as I watched her I thought, how will I send my child to camp? College? Whew, thank goodness we don't have to think about that for a loooooong time. :)
We are so proud of you, darling. You're doing an amazing job and keep growing big and strong everyday! We are counting the minutes until we meet you and hold you in our arms. Know how precious you are to so many people, and how an entire village loves you and is praying for you!
We love  you, we love you, we love you, so, dear baby.
Mommy and Daddy


Tess said...

34 weeks feels like a big mikestone to me and I'm sure you're comforted that docs have an eye on baby and A whenever they need to!

Tess said...

*milestone! Have the best time at your shower, can't wait to see pictures

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