August 28, 2011

Meet Sadie

..if you haven't already!


It occurred to me recently that since I have made some new blogging friends, some of you may not know about miss Sadie. We are, like all pup owners I'm sure, completely biased and think she's the best little thing since sliced bread. Or, organic dog biscuits. Or, peanut butter. Sadie is such a mess. She packs an awful lot of personality in her 18 pound body, and she makes me smile in ways I didn't know I could on days I didn't think I would.

She's three years old and has been our little girl from the start. We just loved to imagine Sadie as a "big sister" to our boys, and dreamed about how much she'd love them and take care of them. She is the official floor sweeper of any and all "fumbles" as we call them, and we laughed about how much fun she'd have with TWO little people dropping crumbs all over the house. Now, this thought makes me smile for about a minute, then I feel sad again.

She is so intelligent and intuitive, too. I was worried we just about put her in a state of depression in the weeks following our loss. If we're happy, she's happy, too. If we're miserable, she's miserable. This breaks my heart but also reminds me that she is more than just a dog. She's a member of our family and we cannot imagine our little world without her.

We took Sadie to the lake last weekend. From the time she was a puppy, we tried and tried to make her into a "water dog", but it just wasn't happening. She looked adorable and loves to "wind ride" but did not want much to do with being out of control in that deep water. I guess she and her mama have that control thing in common! Anyhow, she always shows interest in saving you, if you are in the water but she isn't, but she never has the courage to jump right in.
Here's exhibit A:

So, this past weeked the hubby and I decided to take a long hike and of course wanted to bring Sadie girl with us. We walked along a river and were amazed to see that Sadie could not contain herself. She went right in that water and was paw-deep in mud. After finally getting her out of the mud, she decided she needed one last hoorah and rolled half of her face in the mud. She is no longer a white dog, but it was so worth it.

This little girl warms my heart. And, I know she'll make a great big sister one day.

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