August 19, 2011

It's Kind of Fun... do the impossible.

It's going to be my theme this year. This week, I went back to my classroom for the first time since June. I am SO BLESSED to have so many wonderful hands help me set up this year and ease the worry of going back to work. My sweet and wonderful mom came and spent a few days helping me, too. We managed to set up the whole classroom in two (yes, two!) days and even allowed ourselves a final summer hoorah of pedicures and shopping. I am so glad I had my mom right by my side to help me face my new normal.

It was emotional, to say the least, to find myself immersed in my co-workers once again. It didn't take more than a few "I just want to give you a hug" and "I'm so glad to see you back" to start the waterworks. I am used to it (new normal, remember?) but I know people don't like to see me sad. It wasn't that I felt sad, just overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the kindness and caring nature of others. Overwhelmed by the way my story has impacted those around me. Heavy heart that I am returning to school without being seven months pregnant.

One beautiful thing about teaching is the sense of renewal each school year. I always look forward to getting to know a new bunch of kiddos, and feel excited about the promises of a fresh new year. I found a quote by Mr. Walt Disney that spoke to me and is on my bulletin board outside of my room. "It's kind of fun to do the IMPOSSIBLE."

While I hope this becomes our classroom motto and inspires my students, I want it to also describe my life and our journey. Sure, it must be taken lightly and metaphorically, as I don't exactly feel as though I'm having "fun" right now. However, there are many things that I have achieved and hope to achieve that at times, seem impossible. I want my students to stop at nothing to achieve their goals. I will stop at nothing to achieve mine.

It feels good to be excited about a new school year. While I am living a normal that I did not forsee, I am glad I'm doing so in such a loving, supportive environment. It feels a little like New Years Eve, where the possibilities ahead are endless. I hope my students feel inspired in our classroom, and they have already inspired me.

On another note, I am also excited to announce that the FindYourSpark bloggie makeover is so close to being complete! Once its up and running (and shining to its full potential) I hope to blog much more regularly. In light of searching for my spark, I have recipes and projects just waiting to be shared with the world. :)

Now, please come in close so I can give you all a big hug. I feel all of your love, prayers and support. We need them and appreciate them so much. Thank you for being here and for continuing to walk along side us on our journey. It is bumpy and it is painful, but it is ours. I'm trying my hardest to find my sweet spark, and you're helping me in ways you can never imagine.  


m.cusimano said...

Your classroom looks beautiful. I didn't get to see you these past two workdays but I have been thinking about you. You are going to have a great year! Talk to you soon! Love your blog!

Sarah said...

Margot - I love you to pieces!!! You are such a strong woman and I am lucky to know you! Your students are so fortunate to have you this year and you are an inspiration not only to your students but also to the people that adore you! I am here for you ALWAYS! Rest this weekend... You've worked so hard this week!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have gotten to see your beautiful smiling face these last two days! My words may be choked up in the back of my throat, but my compassion and support for you come full throttle in a hug. What an endless capacity you have to give. Yes, your room looks beautiful too!!!

Suzie :-)

Running 365 said...

Your classroom is so cute and neat! Those little fourth graders are so lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

Hey's another inspiring quote you may like to share on your classroom wall, best viewed daily as a reminder

"We can't all be stars,but we can still Twinkle"!

from Trish, from Down Under.

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