July 18, 2011

Peace Is...

We just came home from a relaxing vacation in Vermont and lots and lots of needed family time. I'll be sure to update with more pictures once I "collect" them all from the various cameras used! My family has been going to New England every year that I can remember. We have countless memories with eachother, our cousins, aunts, uncles, and our beloved grandparents. This year, we had to make it a quick trip so we headed to Vermont and weren't able to make it up to Maine. We also wanted to get together and celebrate Mom and Dad's 40TH Anniversary. They had a big time celebration with a cruise along the Mediterranean, but this was the first time we could all get together and celebrate in person.

I have always thought of these places as the most peaceful spots, and I look forward to visiting them each year. Since Mr. has been in my life, he's been able to experience the sweet summers that he has heard me gab about. The air is crisp, the people are wonderful, the company is even better. Here's just a little taste of our trip:
 Beautiful downtown Woodstock
 The whole crew-a rarity to have everyone together at once!

 We also met this little darling, our niece, for the very first time!
 Hubby's artistic side
 My sweetie and I wanted to hike Mt. Tom, a place we visit every year. This year was a little different for us. We decided we would also begin {again} hiking our metaphorical mountain, our journey to parenthood. The hike to the top isn't easy, and there will be set backs on the trail, but once you get to the summit, it is going to be beautiful.
 Summer nights on the deck
 Team Americana :)
My sweet mother-in-law sent this in the mail and it was waiting for us when we got home. Please notice the author. I always knew he was a wise one. :)

Thank you to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue on our journey towards parenthood. Please pray for strength, hope, and peace. Please pray for our rainbow.

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Praying for yall!!!

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