March 28, 2014

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, Y'all! Linking up with April and friends for another Five on Friday. I'm keeping it short, sweet and random today. I hope you've had a wonderful week!
{one} I found out this week that my mom is coming up for a visit mid-April! I am soo excited to see her {but will miss my dad, of course!} and it will be wonderful to explore the city with the weather being warmer {hopefully!} than the last time they were here in November. We love visitors!
{two} We are gearing up to celebrate our FIFTH wedding anniversary in September and want to take a special trip. We're throwing around a few places but I'd love any suggestions you all might have of places you've visited and loved for a special trip! We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and absolutely loved it but would like to visit a new place this time.
{three} Have you heard of an app called FoodGawker? I just saw it on the Today show and immediately downloaded it. It's similar to Pinterest in some ways. You can see what recipes are trending on various blogs, or you could search for recipes by food type, etc and it will give you so many beautiful options with links to the recipes! I think I'll use this lots for recipe inspiration.

{four} Speaking of food, I've been eating this chia seed pudding everyday for breakfast and it's so good. I follow the recipe except I don't soak the berries in additional maple syrup because I think it's just right without it! This kind of has the consistency of tapioca pudding, but it's very simple and healthy, too. Don't be afraid of the chia seeds!  Love this simple breakfast.

We also added this easy salad to the rotation this week. I am a vegetable girl, and rarely think you can have too many veggies, but my hubby is adamant about the number of ingredients that belong in a salad. haha. So, this salad is simple with grilled chicken, strawberries, greens, almonds, and some yummy cheddar we picked up at the famer's market over the weekend. You could use goat cheese or gorgonzola and it would be amazing, too. We also used Trader Joe's champagne pear vinaigrette and it was the perfect topper. I love the mix of sweet, savory and crunchy in this salad. It would be wonderful with shrimp, too, or without meat at all!
...And, not so healthy, but equally delicious...
These macarons are SO GOOD. They are in the freezer section of Trader Joe's and you refrigerate them after they are thawed. Please go pick these up so I won't be the only person devouring them. You won't be sorry. :)
{five} We're going on a "photo safari" this weekend through Central Park! As a part of TJ's birthday present, I booked us in a photography class where we'll learn some things about our DSLR. This is something we've been talking about doing and I'm glad we found one that's in the park. I might also have booked this class because we will visit spots where various romantic movies have been filmed.

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by!


Courtney @ Southern Class, Carolina Sass said...

I love food gawker! It's so addictive!! I'm going to have to try those macaroons. I would have never thought to look in the freezer section. Thanks for sharing :-)

Annie said...

The photo class sounds like such a fun weekend activity to do together. As for your anniversary trip...Maui. No brainer! ;)

Shauna said...

I love the strawberry salad at Panera so I may give that salad a try : ) I will also be picking up those Macaroons, Trader Joe's has the best frozen stuff!

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