April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! I missed last week's Five on Friday {and maybe the week before?!} so I'm excited to link up with April and the girls today!
Happy {almost} Birthday to one of my best friends ever, Kelly! I wish I could be in NC celebrating with you in person, and I hope you have the BEST start to your 29th year. We must be getting old because when I did the math I figured out we've been friends for 20 YEARS. Love you, Pooks!
New Friends. We've been in New York {almost} six months, and I'm very thankful that we're starting to feel acclimated to our new city. Anyone who has moved to a new place knows that making friends, getting settled, and feeling comfortable is not an easy task. We've made a few friends through work and friends of friends, but I made a new friend back in the fall while walking the dogs. I kept running into Lindsey as she walked her Bernese Mountain Dog, Heidi. I remember thinking how funny it was that we live in this big city and I kept running into the same person on our walks multiple times a week. We have so much in common and our husbands do, too. We will try new restaurants or get mani/pedis regularly and have so much fun. Yesterday she asked me if I wake up some mornings not believing that I live in New York City, and the answer is yes. I really can't believe we live here. Sometimes it definitely still feels like we're visiting but more and more it's feeling like we live here. I can't call it home just yet, but it's getting more comfortable and I'm thankful for that. And I'm thankful for new friends, too.
I finally made a facebook page for this little blog! If you'd like to "like" it {is that right?} here's where you can find it: www.facebook.com/findyoursparkblog I'll try to figure out how to post the link on the blog soon so it's easier to find. I hope to share posts and pictures throughout the week there along with instagram.

Let's Get Physical. Now that the weather is warming up, we've been getting outside SO much more, and just overall getting more active. I started going again to my favorite form of exercise to date, Pure Barre. I enjoy it the most of anything else I've tried, and makes it possible to love and hate a workout over the course of an hour. If you haven't tried it, give it a go.
And I am so proud of this guy. He's gotten so into running and has run up to 9 miles lately. He ran a race in the park over the weekend and we came to support him, of course. Then we ate brunch outside and it was glorious. Sunshine works wonders for the soul.
He inspired me to get running again, so I thought I'd try to run the loop around the park. I haven't run in a long time, so I wasn't sure how this would go! I finished the 6.3 mile loop {albeit very slowly} and I just felt so proud that I finished it. Running used to be something I did much more often, and even trained and got close to running a half marathon near our wedding, but I let life get in the way and never ran it. Since then, it's remained something on my "list" and I wonder if this year will be the year that I run one. Never say never!

With Easter approaching, I've noticed these awesome, huge eggs all over the city. They are all apparently a part of the big egg hunt which is such a fun idea. Aren't they beautiful?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! My mom comes to town on Monday and I can hardly wait. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Annie said...

I love that you met a friend via the pooches! Ya never know how you will meet good friends!

Myla Munro Ringler said...

Hi! Stopping in from the link up. Is one of the Berner's yours?!?! I've always thought they were stunning dogs and I want one REALLY bad! Convincing my husband is the hard part. Please spill... how much do they really shed? I was raised with Australian Shepards and am used to the hair factor, but my husband is not. Currently we have a lab and her hair is so different than our Aussies. Enough rambling. Happy Friday!

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