December 20, 2011

Deck the Halls

This year, as I mentioned, I haven't been super jolly about the holidays. I am trying to see every situation through my babies' eyes. I am sure they would love those twinkling lights and pretty colors. So, like everything else, I did it for them. And, I do love to decorate, afterall. :)

In an effort to boost our spirits, Hubby and I went to cut down our Christmas tree! We didn't truck all the way to the mountains, but we did make to a somewhat hillier (is that a word?) part of the state. It was so worth it and I believe next year we will have to go into the mountains to cut down our next one.

This Christmas tree farm was just that, a farm. In the middle of nowhere. And, there were goats, chickens and a gigantic pig who scared the daylights out of Sadie. Poor thing. It was hilarious, though. Here are a few snapshots from our little adventure, pig included.

 Here we are before we picked out our tree. Sadie is still distraught from the pig scare.

We were there on the second day the farm had opened for Christmas tree sales, so there were SO many trees! Let me tell you, they are all huge and beautiful. It made me feel shame for not coming to pick out our own each year before this one. You also lose perspective as to what is "big" and what is "small". I, of course, gravitated towards the Rockefeller massive tree larger ones, but seeing as we don't live in Times Square, I'm glad we didn't go with my gut on the first tree. It would not have fit inside our home. Instead, we found such a beauty, and this buddy is not only tall, but rotund, if you will. It also barely fits in our house, and we could not put a topper on it because it touches the ceiling. And, we love it.

This just makes my heart melt. It was given to me by such a special friend who knows has now managed to create the most beautiful, perfect gifts, both of which we cherish. The first one, an incredibly moving painting of Sadie looking up at a crystal blue sky with two blue balloons, with an E and M written on them. This is so special to us and will grace our home and in the future Michael and Eli's younger siblings' room, as a constant reminder of their love and presence in our family.

This hand-painted ornament, perfectly captured our house in the winter, decorations included. Do you see the two blue balloons soaring above? This is so special and precious to us. Words just do not do it justice. Love.

Just for fun, here are some other ways we have decked the halls of our humble abode this year.

The angel with this quote belong right next to our stockings. So glad I found this.

Hope you enjoyed this little holiday tour of our home. I would love to know what you're doing to make yours merry and bright this year!

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Running 365 said...

Beautiful! I feel completely grinchy now because we only have a fraction of that decoration. Have a Merry Christmas!

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