September 21, 2017

Emmerson Turns Two!

Let's pretend for a minute that it hasn't been a whole year since my last blog post! I'll be back soon to chat about all we've been up to this year, but not today. Today is about my precious girl and her second birthday!

Dear Emmerson,

Happy Birthday, my darling girl! You are TWO today and we can hardly believe it. It seems impossible that the baby placed in our arms on September 21, 2015 is now a walking, talking, jumping, dancing, climbing, reading, super sweet, sometimes sassy, perfect little person. Watching you grow this year has been amazing. Every day you surprise us with a new word, sentence skill or memory. You still light up every room you're in and we think you are the smartest little cookie we've ever seen.

This year, we moved from our tiny NYC apartment back down to Charlotte, where we (hopefully) found our forever home and have loved getting settled into suburban life. You are loving the space to run, making many sweet new friends, spending lots of time outside and seeing your NC family lots more!

I love your excitement and curiosity for all things, big and small.  Being your mommy has me stopping and reflecting a lot about what life is like for you as a toddler and wanting to make everyday just as fun as it can be for you. You're my little buddy,  and we spend pretty much all our time together. I don't take any of these days for granted and you  make all the ordinary, everyday moments extraordinary.


You are SO.MUCH.FUN. You think you're quite clever and funny (and we agree!) and you are seriously the sweetest. You give the best hugs and kisses, love your Bailey and Sadie, and you love your family and friends with such a huge heart.

I'm so thankful for you everyday, but on your birthday I remember that moment we first met. It struck me the other day and my eyes filled up with tears as I recalled us getting ready to leave for India. We had no idea what was in store for us, but we knew we were going to get you. My heart was so anxious, as I had been holding my breath for nine months, praying you would make it safely in our arms. We had waited years for you. And then, you were here. You were placed in our arms and the doctor, beaming, said, "meet your daughter." In that moment, all of the anxiety I had felt literally melted away. The realization that you were you, a sweet baby girl, came what felt like moments later after I held you, in disbelief and awe that you were finally here.

I can hardly remember life before you. I wish I could put into words the joy that has filled our hearts since that day we met. I will spend my life trying to show the world what a light you are. You reached into the darkest corners of our hearts and redeemed us with more hope and more love than we could have ever imagined in our wildest dreams. To say we're grateful to be your parents is a vast understatement. Thank you, baby. Thank you for choosing us. We love you infinitely.

I hope you always feel the love that surrounds you. I hope you always feel such confidence in yourself and pride as you accomplish hard things.  I hope to always protect you from any heartache or sadness. And if I can't, I hope you know I will always be right there by your side to pick you up. I hope you know that you are the light of our lives, and the very best thing we've ever ever done. Our greatest work and role is being your parents. We cherish this life we're creating with you.

Happy Birthday, Emme. May your every wish come true. We love you, we love you, we love you so, Dear Baby.

Mommy and Daddy






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