April 25, 2015

Dear Baby--17 & 18 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Hey, sweetie! I decided to combine the last two week because, well, there's been a lot in each of them and I figured it would work just fine.

17 weeks: At 17 weeks, you were the size of an onion. Or, a pear. We are praising God because we got a beautiful report on your growth! You had a big scan last week at Your sense of hearing grew stronger and you can move all of your joints. Your skeleton is turning from rubbery cartilage to hardened bone.

At 17 weeks, Mama turned 30! Daddy took me down to Miami for a short getaway and your Mimi and Papi came along, too! It was a sweet way to celebrate.








The actual day included a blowout for fun, sweet gifts and a nice dinner with Daddy. You, my love, are my greatest gift!



You are currently 18 weeks, 3 days and you are the size of a sweet potato! This is one of my favorite foods, as well, my sweet.
This week, you are yawning, hiccupping, sucking and swallowing. You're also twisting, rolling, punching and kicking. We're so thankful for a great report at your appointment. You are growing and developing beautifully. We did find out that the placenta is low lying and you are currently a  breech baby. To allow A to have complete rest and not do anything too strenuous, the doctors did admit her to the clinic. We feel sad that she has to spend more time away from her kids, but are beyond thankful for her sacrifices and wonderful care she's taking of you. The doctors say everything is fine, so this is just a precaution to avoid previa from developing and allow A to rest. I read that lots of times, the placenta (or shape of the uterus) moves and it's no longer low lying.
Please pray that baby stays safe and gets what he/she needs at all times!
As I mentioned, we had some technical difficulties with seeing your pictures! There was a dvd, but to make a long story short, it took us all week to view it! Our computer wasn't opening it and eventually our solution was to view it through  a program that let us see the perspective from the computer in India. Sound complicated? Exactly. Anyhow, we did get to see the video and like professionals, we taped it. Then, I took screen shots. You do what you've got to do. The pictures are not the best quality but my goodness, you're growing, baby!
Here's you at 17 weeks, baby love!
Oh how you've grown! The picture on the left was a screen shot of a moving ultrasound video, so I realize it's not the best quality, however, it's amazing to see! You are amazing.
So sweet with your hand in your mouth. We kept seeing you do it on the screen. You're saying, hey guys!
I woke up this morning from a vivid dream. In that dream, it was the night you were born. We were in India, and our doctors handed you to me, and I sobbed my eyes out. My parents were there along with your daddy, of course. In my dream, you are a sweet baby girl. So, for the past little bit that is how you've been appearing in my mind, as a baby girl. Daddy tends to think you are a boy, and I also have gone back and forth. Here's the most important thing: We love you more than words and feelings could ever possibly express. We are so thankful for you and whether you are a baby boy or a baby girl, we are absolutely overjoyed to meet you (and raise you and pour our hearts and soul into you). We pray for you to be healthy and know that you are our baby, perfectly chosen for us.

Keep growing big and strong, sweet love. You're doing such an amazing job and we are so proud of you!!

We love you so, Dear Baby.

Mommy and Daddy

April 14, 2015

Dear Baby --16 Weeks

Making it to 16 weeks is huge. For those who may not know, this is around the time where we lost the twins. I hate typing the words but it's important to do so because it happened, I want to acknowledge that, and recognize that it doesn't mean it will happen again. It's the place from which my fear and anxiety grow, and the place in my heart that will never truly heal. I mentioned last week that I've experienced profound peace. I am still overall peaceful, though this week waves of {understandable} nerves occurred while we wait for this week's appointment. I know that making it past this point in the pregnancy will bring on newer, positive experiences that I can pull from my heart and mind. Could you please keep us in your prayers this week? Please pray for wonderful news and a healthy baby. It means more to me than words can possibly express! Thank you so so much!

Dear Baby,

Hey, little love. You are 16 weeks, 6 days today, and you are the size of an avocado. Side note, this is one of my absolute favorite foods, and I guacamole is something I could eat probably daily. Okay, back to you! You're doing big things this week. Your circulatory system is working and your heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood a day. Your scalp pattern is starting to develop, though no hair just yet! You are also growing toenails, which is so so sweet. A layer of fat has formed underneath your skin, and you'll go through a growth spurt over the next few weeks!

You and I received the sweetest package from my sweet friend/teacher/prayer warrior this week. She has been lifting us up in prayer from the beginning and continues to do so, which means so much.
How sweet are those little elephants? They will all go in your room and we'll think of her loving family each time we see them. Thank you, sweet Lisa!
This week we are waiting on your big anatomy scan. I know you'll do great! We pray for you to be healthy and safe, always. Daddy is as cool as a cucumber and I have been generally pretty calm, too, which is a blessing. We look forward to getting a look at you this week and seeing how much you've grown!
We know your angels in Heaven are watching over you, and we are so thankful for that fact. You are such a blessing to us and I hope and pray you feel our love 7,000+ miles away. I think you do. I think you are cool as a cucumber just like your daddy and happy and comfortable while you grow and thrive with A.
You keep growing big and strong, darling. We are so proud of and thankful for you!
 We love you so, dear baby.
Mommy and Daddy

April 7, 2015

Dear Baby--15 Weeks

Dear Baby,

You are 15 Weeks, 6 Days. I suppose mommy should post your weekly letter at the beginning of a new week and not the end, but here we are. You're 16 weeks tomorrow and we are thrilled. This week, you're the size of an apple. Or, an orange, depending on who you ask. :) Either way, you're growing and growing and will double in size over the coming weeks.

You can sense light now and your taste buds are forming. We wonder what type of food you like these days, and if it will stay that way later on in life! You are moving fluid through your nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the air sacs in your lungs develop. Your eyebrows are also starting to develop.

This week, Daddy and I went to see a Broadway show and walked around New York. There's so much we can't wait to show you! On Easter, we went to church and then to a nice brunch. We talked about next Easter and having you with us to celebrate it (and every other day and holiday). It just makes my mommy heart swell.

 I have also been experiencing a profound peace on my heart, of which I am truly thankful. I can't describe it other than I know where it's coming from, and that's above. Having a peaceful heart that isn't filled with anxiety and fear is such a blessing. I am thankful to be experiencing it right now.

 I thank God for you, little darling. You are our greatest gift. Keep growing big and strong, my love. We are so proud of you, sweet babe.

We love you so, dear baby.

Mommy and Daddy

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