March 3, 2016

Dear Emmerson--Five Months

Dear Emmerson,

Sweet angel, you are five months young! That's very hard for me to believe! You are getting to be such a big girl, and we are loving every single minute watching you grow. Here's what you've been up to between months 4-5!

You are weighing in at 12 pounds, 1 oz. The doctor is happy and you're tracking on your growth curve, you're just a petite little muffin! She said you are as perfect as can be and was quite impressed with your belly and thigh rolls. I am, too! :) You're a happy, healthy little squish.
You're in size 1 diapers and still mostly 0-3 month clothes, though you've started to wear 3-6 in shirts. The pants are still a little long, but that may just be a normal situation for you, my dear. :) 

This was a different month for us! We spent about three weeks in NC with family, and had a chance to visit with lots of friends while we there. It was so nice to take a "suburban vacation" and drive around town, go to Target (one of mommy's favorites) have dinners with Mimi and Papi (who completely spoiled us and took such good care of us the entire time),  and just be down south for a bit. We had fun, and missed Daddy, but he came to NC in between trips so that made it a little better.

Let's talk about sleep this month! Have you heard about the four month sleep regression? I hadn't either! Pretty much right after you turned four months, your sleep habits changed drastically. Now, we also went to NC around that time and were out of our routine, but things got a little rocky in the sleep department. You are growing and changing so much, that developmentally it's just something that lots of babies go through. We went from sleeping very long stretches to being up multiple times a night and taking hours to go back to sleep. I was one tired mama! Naps became a thing of the past, unless you were in the carseat, stroller, or in the wrap with me. I stressed and stressed about this infamous regression, how long it would last, how to get past it, and if I am setting you up for poor sleep habits your whole life. I can cautiously say that things seem to be getting better now that we've been home for a bit. We have a more structured bedtime routine, which starts about 7:00/7:30 and on a good night you'll sleep until 2:30/3:00, when I'll feed you and then you will sleep for another stretch until 6:30/7:30 after that. I'm so grateful for any sleep you get at night, and mostly I think you must just be exhausted from not napping very much during the day! You are still such a happy baby and thankfully do not seem to be bothered by not getting all that much sleep. We still have a ways to go with the naps and such, but honestly, I stopped stressing about it so much. I was spending all day worried about your sleep! Every baby is different and like everyone tells us, it's a phase, and you'll eventually sleep on your own. I cherish every minute, even the really really sleepy ones!

Other than not sleeping, you have been super busy this month! You officially started rolling from your tummy to your back! You can also roll from your back to your side,  but not all the way over on your tummy just yet. Happy squeals, in a very high-pitched tone, are your favorite way to communicate these days. You are also smiling and laughing up a storm. It's so precious. You are all about getting those hands, and anything else in your mouth. You do a great job at grasping objects and bringing them to your mouth. You also clasp your hands like such a little lady, and give really big, sweet face grabs and kisses. You seem to be pretty attached to me these days, but you get so excited to see your daddy, too. I can't say I mind one bit, and it's pretty sweet to see you reach for me and be so content when you're in my arms. We're quite literally attached to one another, and you're my favorite little sidekick.

This month we also set up your high chair and bouncer, both of which you're pretty excited about! Your little legs don't quite reach the "bounce" part of your exersaucer, but you're still entertained by all the activities to look at and play with. It seemed you were ready for a new perspective, and who could blame you! We even put away the bassinet part of your stroller and switched it out for the seat, which has you a little more upright. You're getting to be a big girl! (Please always stay little).

We are five months strong with nursing! Woo! I'm so proud of you, and if I'm honest, us. I plan to keep it up as long as possible, and am ecstatic we've made it this far. You're about to enter the world of solids, and we'll start oatmeal this weekend. We will wait until the 6 month mark to introduce fruits and veggies, but I'm already getting myself in order for what's involved with that! I'm excited to make your baby food and see what you like and dislike!

This month you celebrated your first Valentine's Day! I lovvvved all of the pink, red, sparkles and hearts involved this month. It's past February 14th now and we're still rocking our hearts. Will probably do so for some time! We had a sweet day and made Daddy his first handmade present from you. He loved it! You received a little Jellycat Fuddlewuddle puppy, a card and lots of hugs and kisses. Your Mimi and Papi sent your a precious teether and some adorable jammies, too. You are loved every single day of the year, my angel!

One thing we really look forward to every week is getting together with our mom group. You have three buddies and you're all really starting to notice each other. There's one boyfriend in the group of ladies. :) We love having playdates and going for walks or coffee. You and Annetta went to your first mommy-and-me yoga class and it was pretty adorable. You had matching outfits, and enjoyed looking at all the other babies and things going on! We're going again this week because it was such a hit. I'm thankful for this wonderful group of friends! This weekend we'll take you to Vermont for the first time! It's going to  be so nice getting out of the city and showing you one of our favorite little towns.

I still can't believe you're mine, Emmerson. Many days, while I rock you to sleep, read one of your favorite books (Wherever you are, my love will find you) say prayers with you or watch you smile and laugh, my eyes just fill with tears. It's absolutely amazing that you are here and you truly are our dream come true. I hope you always know what a gift you are. I want to  simultaneously freeze time but also get so excited about what the future holds for you. I try to live in each moment, appreciating it for what it is, and watching you grow day by day. Being your mom is everything.

We love you, we love you, we love you so, dear baby!


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