June 6, 2014

Catching Up-Five on Friday!

Hey Guys! First of all, I didn't know if I'd be able to post today because my blog kept redirecting to an unwanted page and I was freaking out a bit. Whew-It's fixed and functioning and FYS is back! I am linking up with April, Christina, Natasha and Darci for Five on Friday!
This past week was exciting because I was officially offered a teaching position at a fabulous school! I have truly missed being away from teaching since we moved here, and at the same time I've really  loved working at Kate Spade, too. Next year I will be rocking this look a lot as a science teacher! ;) I'm thrilled about this new challenge and opportunity.

We also had a great time with our visitors over the last couple of weeks. We went to Delaware to visit with TJ's family and went to Rehobeth Beach for the long weekend. Only my fellow Today Show fans will appreciate the fact that I saw and met Hoda Kotb while rounding the corner heading to the beach! In a too-high pitch I waved and greeted her like she was best friend, ha! She was super sweet and absolutely beautiful. Definitely a highlight of the weekend for me!
We introduced the dogs to the beach and that was so much fun.
Bailey as the ultimate sunroof windrider on the way to the beach.

Then, TJ's mom and sister came back to NYC for a visit and they did some major exploring.
We went to see Bullets Over Broadway {loved it}, walked the Highline, visited Chelsea Market, ate lots of good meals, and went to a Yankees game. We had a great time!

If you come to New York and you love rice krispy treats, you should definitely go to The Treat House. You can get a variety of little treats in all sorts of fun flavors. Perfect for girls like me who enjoy a little variety when it comes to food! {And for my southern teacher friends who know about Newk's rice krispy treats--these help tie me over!}

I have purchased three nail polishes this week. Someone please help me. I've got a polish problem.
Essie cocktails and coconuts

Butter London cake-hole

Essie haute in the heat

On a much more somber note: For us, May 26th was and is all about my babies. Each year it's impossible for me to believe that another 365 days have gone on since we lost them. I look at the pictures above and am reminded that while we are experiencing joy in our lives, a part of us remains missing. Where there is happiness in our hearts, sadness also dwells there. It is a parallel of emotions that has become our normal. I know that I can take part in life and experience joy and laughter, because I owe them that. But the passage of time does not fade the memories, the heartache, the love that is there. They are always with us. Always. I don't celebrate, though I always remember this day.  I grieve on this day but I also live. I spend time with my husband and remember our babies and I do something that they would enjoy. We went to central park and had a picnic with the dogs. We stayed there for hours. As I looked up to the sky, where they surely are in Heaven, I saw a rainbow. A reminder of God's promises, and a reminder that they hear me. They see me. They are doing okay.

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