July 22, 2016

Dear Emmerson--Ten Months

Dear Emmerson,

You are ten months! I cannot believe you're already in double digits, big girl! This month was so much fun. Every month is so much fun, actually! Just when I think it can't possibly get any better, it does. Here's what you've been up to, months 9-10!

You're still in size 2 diapers, and wearing some 3-6, some 6-9 months clothes. Some items are 6-12 months and you can fit into those, too. You're weighing in at about 15.2 pounds! We love your thigh rolls, and feel like you're getting bigger and taller everyday.
You love to eat! This month you tried chicken, crab, and egg yolks in addition to your fruit and veggies. You pretty much enjoy everything we give you. It's fun to go out to restaurants and share what we order, or bring a picnic with us. You love sitting in the high chair when we go out and are such a good girl sitting at the table with us.

You are crawling (fast), pulling up and cruising all the time. You are a girl on the move and we can't turn our heads for one second! You're super playful and love when we make you laugh. Your laugh seriously makes my world go round. I'm pretty convinced it's the best sound ever.
This month you're obsessed with your Green Toys stacking cups and shape sorter, as well as your baby piano and stacking rings. You love anything that makes noise or music. We went to our first music class at Gymboree this month and also visited the Children's Museum. You still love reading, swinging, your doggies, playing peekaboo, being tickled and tossed in the air (you adventurer, you!), looking in the mirror, playing with other babies, smiling at everyone, clapping and you're starting to wave bye bye.
You think your Daddy is hilarious and get so excited when he comes home. You're pretty attached to me (and I to you), so you don't love when I leave the room or put you down when you're not in the mood to be put down.

You celebrated your first Fourth of July in Vermont, and we loved spending time with your Mimi, Papi, Nana, cousins, Aunties and Uncles. You actually seemed to love the fireworks and weren't scared at all. We put your headphones on and you were mesmerized. You also loved the animals we saw there, like horses, cows and goats but aren't a fan of touching the grass! It must be that city girl you've got in you.

This month we moved you to your crib! You stayed in our room for your first 9 1/2 months in your bassinet, which was quite a while but worked for us. After the trip to Vermont we moved you to your crib and it was a smoother transition than we thought! You are sleeping longer stretches in there but still don't go all night without waking up. It's okay! I don't stress about it, and know you'll eventually sleep through. I'm super thankful that I can stay home with you and that I can have a cup of coffee as soon as I wake up. :)

Your naps have gotten more consistent, which has been nice. You still take 2-3 naps, and those will range from 45 minutes (sometimes shorter) to and hour and a half most of the time.
You're still nursing when you're not eating table food, so that's all still going well. I don't have a plan for wrapping up this journey, so I am hoping you and I just keep it going and figure it out as time goes on. I'm not in a hurry to stop and you don't seem to be, either!

You are a wiggly, active, talkative girlie. You say Mama, Baba, and make lots of other sounds. You squeal when you're excited, grunt when you're mad, and say "mmm" when you eat. I can tell you're figuring out your emotions and sometimes quickly go from being happy to mad to happy again. Sometimes we say you're "smad", which is when you're smiling, but still mad. :) You really are an even-keeled, happy little lady, and you make us the happiest people in the world.

We spend our time going to the park, playing with friends, going to stroller workouts, trying different baby classes and just exploring our space! You help me grocery shop and run errands, and I love how the most simple things are still exciting for you. You remind me to really slow down and appreciate the world around us. This weekend you'll go to the zoo for the first time and also have your first swimming lesson!

You still don't have any teeth that have popped through! The pediatrician said as long as you have one tooth by fifteen months, so we're not concerned! You do a great job eating with those strong gums. Your iron was a little low this month so we did have to start with iron drops in your oatmeal. You're taking that like a champ so hopefully it's supplementing with everything you need.

This month we are looking forward to going to Hilton Head in a couple weeks! We're going to spend a week there and we can't wait. I'm already thinking about your first birthday, which is now two short months away! I certainly won't rush through these months, but want to be prepare for your big, special day!

Everyday with you is the best day. We think about this time last year, how we were rapidly preparing to leave for India for your arrival, and it all really feels like a dream. It's a pretty unique story that you'll hopefully be proud to tell one day, but we still pinch ourselves that you're here with us. We are so proud of you and being your parents is the very best gift we've ever been given. We love you, we love you, we love you so, dear baby. 

Love you,

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Kelly said...

Oh man, those eyes and that smile! LOVE! She is precious!

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