May 27, 2015

Dear Baby--23 Weeks

Thank y'all so much for continuing to pray for us! I have some new and continued prayer requests, and answered prayers I wanted to ask for and share. So far, every prayer has been answered and every concern has resolved itself. I am beyond grateful for the community of love that surrounds us and our baby. Please Please Please...continue to pray! Thank you, a million times over.

Answered Prayers
-At last week's ultrasound, the placenta was given a grade 1 in maturity. The scale goes up as it matures, and the weeks in grade 1 are 18-29, so we're in that range. A will continue to be monitored closely, and we are so thankful for this news.
-Baby G continues to grow and thrive in A's womb. S/he measured ahead at the last appointment and the weight is good!

Prayer Requests
-So, at the ultrasound, there was a tiny echogenic focus noted on the left ventricle of Baby's heart. A what? I didn't know either, but the doctors told me its common and usually resolves itself. They plan to do a follow up echo when the heart is fully formed, next week.
Please pray that it is nothing, that it resolves itself, and that it does not cause any harm or indicate any concern for the baby.
 Here's something else I found to explain it:
-While baby was overall measuring ahead at the last appointment, the femur length was measuring a few days behind. Now, if you've ever met me in person, you know I'm not a tall girl. Quite the opposite, in fact. My hope and prayer is that the reason baby's femurs are shorter is because s/he has shorter legs, like Mama. I hopped on the internet again (bad idea, again!) and this also can be very common and usually baby is just fine. In other cases, it can be a soft marker for down's. Since baby has had so many close looks and the NT scan/quad screening came back low risk, I feel that the short femur length is because Baby G isn't a big, tall, baby. Still, reading scary things combined with prayer request #1 made me a nervous mama today. Babies grow at different rates, and body parts can grow at different rates, too. I should also note that this measurement was with the other measurements in the report, and not brought up to me as a concern.
PLEASE PRAY that Baby is healthy, continues to get everything s/he needs from A, and that the femurs continue to grow and catch up as much as possible.

-Please pray that in all areas of growth and development, Baby G continues to grow, thrive, and get stronger and stronger.

-Please pray that the placenta remains healthy, that the calcification/maturity does not progress too fast, and that our baby is not in any danger at any time.

-Please pray that my heart returns to being calm and peaceful, and that I focus on every wonderful aspect of this beautiful life we have created, and not obsess over fears. Please pray that TJ continues to remain positive, calm, cool and collected, as he has every day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my hopeful heart for your continued love and prayers!
Dear Baby,
Hello, my sweet love! This week you are 23 weeks, and the size of an eggplant! At your ultrasound last Thursday it was estimated you weigh 1.1lbs, which is awesome. Your beautiful heartrate was measured at 141 bpm. Over the next four weeks you should double in weight. You are over 11 inches long. At 23 weeks, your lungs, sensory functions and ability to move are developing rapidly. Billions of brain cells will develop over the next couple of weeks! In your lungs, surfactant is being produced, which helps air sacs to inflate and lungs to expand. Right now your skin has a red hue, due to developing veins and arteries underneath the skin. Keratin is being added to your skin, allowing it thicken. Right now your precious skin is a little baggy, but that will change once fat plumps you up!You can hear outside noises, and your kicks and punches are visible from the outside.
This week, Daddy and I went to our first baby class. We learned more about how to care for a newborn--a pretty important thing to learn with someone as precious as you on the way! I think we both left feeling more confident and practicing swaddling was a skill we'll need to put to use quite a bit, it seems! :) I had my third dream that you are a baby girl. We're going to be so surprised to meet you, boy or girl! I'm sure we will just be in blissful shock. We also booked our stay in India! Mimi and Papi did the same, and they'll be there with us the whole time! We haven't booked flights yet, that's the next step, and is such an exciting one!
This weekend, we go to California for a very quick, whirlwind trip! Your Aunt Naomi is graduating from Med School (woo!) We will also meet your  baby cousin, Julian, and visit with your other four California cousins, and your uncles and aunties, Nana and Mimi and Papi will be there, too! 
And, just because I can't leave out your 'big sisters', here's Sadie and Bailey showing off this week. Sadie got a much needed bath and haircut, and can you see the joy on her face in the bottom left? Just so you know, walks, parks, car rides, benches, ball,  and French fries are her love language.

 Bailey was so tuckered out after the park that I snapped this series of wide-eyed, sleepy, ..out cold in about 15 seconds time.
My darling, you are doing such an amazing job. Keep growing big and strong, and know how proud of you we are and what a gift you are to us. We love you, we love you, we love you so, Dear Baby.
Mommy and Daddy


Annie said...

Ohhh you booked your trip!! So exciting! Many prayers my friend!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your sweet little one! So exciting that you booked your trip and that family will be there with you! :)

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