August 14, 2014

Europe Trip-Brussels

Monday, August 4th-Bruge->Brussels

We reluctantly left Bruge and headed onto the next stop. We had one last waffle before we caught the caught the train to Brussels.

We stayed in Hotel Made in Louise and loved it.

 We pretty much had one day in Brussels, so we tried our best to explore the city in a short amount of time. We had lunch at a cute cafĂ© and realized that French was the preferred language here.  It was bigger than we thought it would be, very widespread. There were cute cobblestone streets in some areas and in others it felt more "city". Lots of amazing architecture and sites to see. Unfortunately, many things were closed on Monday--museums, shops, etc. so we did a lot of "outside looking in" strolls.

We saw the Royal Palace and Grand Place, and we strolled around the St.Catherine shopping district (but did not do any shopping here!)

People in Brussels love this monument of this little boy, well, you can see what he's doing.

 We played pool during happy hour at the hotel before heading to dinner

his shirt was something special. ;) Our meal, however, was delicious.

 Honestly, we loved Bruge so much and it was so different from Brussels, that it almost wasn't fair. We were glad we saw it and spent the day there, though! Next, we headed east to Leuven!


Anonymous said...

Your trip looks amazing. That statue of the little boy is too funny. Thanks for sharing about your trip! You both look like you were having a great time! :)

MellyMel said...

Looks like a great trip! You were able to see more of Brussels in one day than I was! I thought Leuven was beautiful! Did you enjoy it?

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