May 12, 2014

Thoughts on Mother's Day

I have been a mother for over three years. It's all I kept thinking about yesterday.

And yet, I have held my babies for none of those years.

This fact can stop me in my tracks any day of the week, and then on Mother's Day, it's just too much.

While Mother's Day is a day of celebration, it is also a painful day for many. I was so moved by the friends who took time to acknowledge this yesterday. They didn't have to. But they let me know they were thinking about me on Mother's Day.

Here are two messages I received:

Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend. For the too many babies you've lost and the many, many babies you'll be tucking in bed each night. xoxo

I've been thinking about you today. You've been a mom to all your babies in heaven and soon you'll be an amazing mommy to a baby on Earth.

It was such a gift to receive those words yesterday, I just can't even tell you. To be acknowledged as a mother, when I am not holding my babies, is something I do not take for granted. It means that my children are no less than any other. Their lives existed and I am their mother. That does not change because they are not physically here with me now.

Another friend shared these sentiments, and because I don't think I could have said it better myself, I want to share it here.

Mother's Day is such a wonderful time to celebrate all of the beautiful moms out there, but can be a painful day for some. So here's to all the women out there with empty arms today. To those who have hoped for a child for months and years. To those who lost a child through miscarriage. To those who got to meet their child and life was taken away. To those whose are waiting to bring their babies home from other countries. So much love to each of you.

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Nina Moore said...

My heart goes out to you, and everyone else in my life who has experienced what you have. I know your angel babies were surrounding you with extra love yesterday. xo

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