October 25, 2011

The Blue Day Book

I needed to read this book today. I wish I could open it for you {believe me, I searched!}and could show you how precious the pictures are to go along with the beautiful words. I found it this summer knew I needed it. I became an instant fan so I had to check out The Blue Day book, one that I also needed to read today.

{Don't worry, I don't just sit around and read cheer-yourself-up books, though I do occasionally!} :)

Fortunately, I did find a sweet video that shares this book. Please watch it and hopefully it will make you smile, too.

This is all I can manage today. I know I've been away from the blog lately, but don't give up on me. I'll get back to it. My heart grows a little heavier with each passing day, and I don't have words to express how I'm feeling now that 11.11.11 is right around the corner. I don't have words, but I do have family, friends, and prayers. I'm hangin' on tight.

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